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Anonymous asked:

Also, you guys are freaking awesome. You guys went to our 4th of July parade and I was so excited I pretty much followed you guys around the parade route...haha. I'm sorry you guys are getting hate, your show was great!

Aww thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you found us! Hahahaha. Yeah, there’s hate for pretty much any corps in existence, so it just comes with the territory. We know all the hard work we did into making a great show though!


Anonymous asked:

Advice for someone wanting to join SCVC? I want to audition for next season, but I come from a small band and am learning mellophone (I'm a clarinet). Tips on how I can prepare for next year?

I’m so glad you have an interest in the corps!!! SCVC is definitely a training corps, so they will pretty much take anyone in the hornline that shows definite improvement during the course of the audition camps.  My friend who marched this past summer had never touched a baritone until like a month or two before auditions, and they gave her a callback.  Once they saw that she improved in her skills between December and January, she was in! It’s all about your level of commitment. If you don’t really care that much, they won’t take you.  But you seem very proactive and willing to take corrections, and that is exactly what they’re looking for! If you come off of anon, I can hook you up with some people that can give you specific brass and bent leg marching tips. Basically just have an open mind, be ready for changes and corrections, and have fun!

P.S. A good way to get on the administrative staff’s good side is to clean up the facility, take out the trash, and practice a lot during breaks as well. (and get to the rehearsal site plenty early) They wanna see that even outside of rehearsal you are dedicated to being a good member!!!

P.P.S. If you have a passion for mellophone, that’s fantastic, but if you are looking for an easier section to join, it would definitely be baritone. There are a lot more spots in that section and plenty of beginner’s parts to start off your first year of playing a brass instrument. Then you can move to mellophone later :) Plus you’ll get killer biceps!!!

Don’t hesitate to ask any more questions as the audition comes sooner! I know it’s a bit freaky, but I have a lot of tips for making the process go smoother :)



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